Home Automation- Part 1 Thermostats

Building a new home was an adventure to say the least.  The seemingly infinite choices for anything and everything were overwhelming at times.  In the end we built the house we wanted, with the options we could afford and we are very happy.

Being that I am a tech hungry gadget lover I have been researching home automation to truly make our home the home of our dreams (a la Jetsons).  This recent mission to make our home an efficient and comfortable place started with me searching for a simple seven day programmable thermostat.

Thermostats come in amazing array of sizes shapes colours and features.  I narrowed my search to those that were programmable and had the ability to access my local wifi network and had an app to support their use outside of our home.  Ultimately my search was narrowed to two products the Honeywell Wifi and the Nest.

These two products boasted several similar features such as connectivity, vacation modes, app connection, etc. The Nest had a learning feature and a minimalist round appearance which I really liked, although the appearance of my thermostat is not something that I have ever considered before this point.  In the end I chose the Honeywell as it has a more traditional accessible panel with many similar features.  My research also led me to believe that the learning function of the Nest wasn’t quite there and although Google recently bought the company and I LOVE GOOGLE I wanted this purchase to simplify my life not complicate it.

My fascination with technology, efficiency, and gadgetry also led me down several other automation paths.  Read my next post to see my review of lighting products.


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