Better Bang for your Buck

Now that I am approaching the end of my first year at a new school it is time to reflect and retool for next year.  Part of that process is creating school plans, and receiving new budgets which will partially fuel the plans changes. Being an incoming principal is hard, really hard and I have done it three times in my career.  In terms of financial obligations you are responsible for everything and being new you don’t have a clear idea of what you will need to make it through the year.

To start with this year I had worked with the outgoing principal to buy a set of SMART projectors for my school.  This purchase set us back but in a really good way.  Now having operated on a severely reduced budget I have the ability to face next year with a full wallet and the knowledge of what I can do when the wallet is not completely full.

So I turned to twitter this week and asked what was on other’s wish lists and why.

Here is what my PLN had to say

This is a great addition to any video production.

Green Screen Kit
I tried these at EdCampwpg and loved them, a great idea for under $200!

And the software from DoInk to be used with an Ipad to capture and render video’s.

Microscope adapter for BYOD
These handy devices transform Ipod touch or smartphones into high-powered microscopes.

Lego Mind Storm
The maker movement and Robotics have always been an area of interest for me. These Lego mind storm kits or arduino kits are great for many areas in the curriculum and truly engage students in creating things.


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