Check Check Double check.


When it comes to implementing a new approach, technology, or philosophy to your school and community it is important to get the buy-in from every stakeholder.  Often administrators, teachers or community leaders are met with resistance, not because the plan isn’t sound but because they failed to consult.

1. Be respectful

2. Ask questions : What do you think? What do you like/dislike? how will this affect you?

3. Lay it out- have a public plan of action, clarify what the plan means.

4. Let it rest- plans need to percolate you need to give time for people to think about what it is that they are getting into.

5.Get advice and encourage others to share your ideas.

6.Give it purpose: what will this do to benefit others how will the world be a better place when your plan is executed?

7. Be receptive to constructive criticism, no one wants to be the emperor who is wearing no clothes because everyone fails to mention the flaw in your plan.

8. Check the law, policy, and opinions of your Superintendant, no one likes surprises and Superintendants like to have thoughts on things before they are pulled into conversation about your activities.

9. Be bold, take chances, there is a brave new world out there to discover, make sure you step outside the box some times.






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