Digital Presence- Be who you want to be before someone beats you to it!

Monty Python once said “The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about.”

Last week I met someone I had never met before, on our first meeting she said “Your children look just like you” this took me aback a little as I had never met her and we are not connected through any social media.  However, she Googled me before our meeting. As I have said in previous articles you need to present an image online before someone else does it for you, bury Google in positive reflections of who you are so that when someone searches for you they find all of the things that represent you in the way you would like to be perceived.  Many of us have Facebook accounts and feel that by simply blocking access to outsiders we are somehow insulated, which is naive at best.  We are all one screenshot and share away from becoming the next meme so it is important that you create a digital image in multiple places.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Twitter- Make friends, colleagues, develop a professional learning network
  • – a simple way to give yourself a static digital presence, kind of like a business card
  • Google+ – If you haven’t claimed your google ID yet you should get on it before you cannot, Google has too much to offer to mention in this blog but wrote a page about Google Docs here
  • Blog- this can be done on any number of platforms and you would be surprised with the power of combining Twitter and/or Google+ with your blog.  I use WordPress but any blogging platform works.

In the end you need to develop an online presence which promotes your personal ideologies, and particular talents which will fend off any non you’s who claim your id and paint a very grim picture of who you are.  If you need more convincing you will get it soon when a parent walks through your door and comments on what they found out about you by searching Google, wouldn’t it be nice to control what that looked like?


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