Hour of Code

My school is located in Rural Manitoba, and as a result has limited internet access.  Today I took a group of 20 students from grades 5 and 6 and asked them if they were interested in trying something new.  I had tried the hour of code with a few students last week as a test to see if it would even load and it had so this was the next step.

Within 15 minutes I had every student logged in.  I had a few surprises. Some students thrived in in the process and many enjoyed the many themes provided by the site.  I had tried to avoid bugs and frustrations by creating a short list of instructions for students to follow as I circulated among them to help them learn how to drag and drop their items.

By and large the event was a success but it was very interesting to see the variety of engagement in the group.  Two of the 2o students managed to finish all of the “game” activities and made it to the “Create your own game phase” they were beaming, and begging to come back for more.  During our second recess students were lined up at my door asking for more. We will continue this for the remainder of the week for one recess a day but I already see the growth and success possible for this.  I have started dabbling in some other options to follow this up after in the beyond the hour section. I really like the idea of using Lego Mindstorm and some of the coding software it comes with.

This technology and this approach has so much possibility….


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