5 Ways to get your ed community into Twitter

Let’s face it if you’re reading this you not only know how to use a computer, you have access to the internet, and are inclined towards social media, where these things are typically advertised.  This is going to be hard for you to digest as it was for me, not everyone cares about Twitter, it’s true.twitter user

Sometimes I find myself in Educational settings discussing what I learned or something I saw while on Twitter and I see the dismissive smile, Yep your a nerd or worse, that doesn’t have value because it was just on “Social Media”, or I can get that on Pinterest.   It isn’t their fault, I was among them when a colleague of mine @joevans tried repeatedly to get me involved in Twitter which I couldn’t wrap my head around for years. At the time I saw it as a medium for those interested in celebrity gossip or sports (neither are my things)Go Sports.jpg

I have taken my passion for Twitter to new heights and have created @WesEvents our school twitter page but it is a lonely place indeed stalled out for over two months with only 18 followers, one of them is me.

What I forgot in the fervor of the need to share and connect is that some people just don’t, yet.  So how then can we connect with these people and get our colleagues connected so that they to can benefit from an international and deep PLN.

  1. Lead by example- Talk about it, show them, take the time to show them who and what they are missing out on.
  2. Reference it- Opportunities are abundant on Twitter to connect, Skype chats, #chats, ect. there are so many ways to share and connect.
  3. Make their introduction great!- Introduce them to your Fab 5 who do you think they should know and read, it’s like bringing a friend to a party of strangers, introductions are nice and get the party started.
  4. Backchannel- Introduce your colleagues to the virtues of the backchannel, help them understand how you get more by connecting with others than trying to learn in isolation.
  5. Help them out of their Shell- lots of people sign up and then never fully explore because they lock their tweets, are afraid to post, and then faiDont-be-an-egg.pngl to share details about themselves.  Full bio’s increase the likelihood that someone will follow them, get them to share a photo.

I still have a lot to learn about this part of Twitter as I need to build the capacity of our community up and lead them towards our Twitter page.

Recently we started live broadcasting our daily announcements to share our school activities with our community and posted the links to our Twitter page to add reason for people to connect, but so far the uptake has been minimal.  On the upside the kids love it and are learning lots about public speaking. For now I am happy to be archiving our activities, as it gives more reason every day for people to check in and see what we are up to. If you have any suggestions contact me @csgamble


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