Professional Silo’s: How do you like them (pine)apples

Yesterday (March 15, 2017) I participated in the #IMMOOC on Twitter.  I always learn something new on Twitter, but yesterday was special.  I spoke ran across a new idea “Pineapple”, which although it has a goofy name actually is a timely solution to an identified need for our staff.

TPineapplehe Pineapple process(identified here fully) is essentially an opportunity for teachers to break out of their assigned roles and rooms to see other#observeme teachers teach.   It actually reminds me of the Edcamp process where teachers offer to either teach or attend a room, except there isn’t any required preparation in the Pineapple process.  Teachers sign up to be open to visitors then others chose to join them. In the end you get teachers seeing how others organize their classes and instruct while someone else (admin, sub etc.) covers the teacher going to the pineapple class.  Brilliant!

For More information follow #Observeme on Twitter.


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