I find myself in a position of change, a final moment where I have completed another cycle of goal setting.  Twelve years ago I completed my education degree at which point Dr. Mandzig asked our class of graduating teachers:

“what will you do now?”

“Where do you see yourself in five years, ten years…?”

When it came time to respond to the question as he went around the room I remember thinking, aim high.  So my response was ” In five years I will be a principal” and then jokingly I said “in ten years superintendent or education minister.” The first answer was not a joke however making my administration aspirations public was something that as a teacher without a first job I was not comfortable announcing to the world.

There are moments in life where I find myself wondering what is next.  I recently completed my masters degree in Education Administration at the University of Manitoba. My approach to “aim high” has paid off again, which at first feels pretty good however there is a moment when you achieve your goals that follows where you feel lost, and the thought creeps into your mind “What’s next”.  I have always told myself that once I have completed my P.B.DE, and M.Ed. I would take a break and set my ambitions and goal setting on my Family, and personal development.  This period of planning is something that I don’t take lightly as it will be the direction I set for myself for the next five years.

After finishing my M.ed, a friend of mine called me and congratulated me the way only an old friend can and then said “What’s next?”. I told him how I wanted to focus on non academic things for a while and he told me that he was doing the same, he has decided to run five top marathons, and I believe he will do it.  Incidentally his brother just successfully climbed Everest, talk about your mountains!

I need a new five year goal, but in the mean time I will be focusing on completing our new house, my two fantastic children, and of course my wife who has supported me through the M.Ed program giving me the time and space to achieve my goals.

So what’s next? Marathons, Guitar lessons, Home improvement, superintendent, Minister of Education? I don’t have a clue but I know it will be great!


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