My Blog 450 views 15 Countries-1311 views and 45 countries

In February this year (2013) I went to the Manitoba COSL conference and was finally convinced to try Blogging.  I had recently become an avid Twitter user and found that I needed a place to synthesize my learning and share with others.  My topics have ranged from Responsible use to attempts to engage teachers in Webinars/Unconferences.  I have been filling pages with things I learn on twitter and other blogs and connecting the dots for myself and those who read my work.  I have been unafraid of “making mistakes”, and often write my blogs in less than twenty minutes and publish them immediately.

Today I had a look at my STATS and noticed something interesting, my previous writings have drawn a significant audience.  My blog has now been read/viewed by 450+ people and my readership spans 15 countries.  When I read these stats it blows my mind, if even a quarter of the visits are real readers it is still incredibly flattering that people all over the world are interested in what I have to say.  Additionally this means that the world is truly flat and that students given the opportunity to blog could become international writers while writing for courses in school. Writing “Real” writing for an actual audience who subscribe and stumble upon your work, can be a rich and rewarding experience that I recommend to everyone.



Today is April 22, 2014 since my original post in February 2013 I have had 1311 views on my blog, represented by 45 countries, with 14 comments.  This dramatic growth has been because I have become a blogger, I write at least one item a month sometimes four and my twitter following is responding.  I have accumulated over 300 PLN members on twitter by posting my blog on twitter and have had great discussions with professionals around the world who I would have never encountered in several lifetimes as an educator. I read more I write more and certainly feel less professionally isolated as a result of the blogging and tweeting exercises, if you’re not blogging you should be!

Below is a current map of where my readers reside.

blog map



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