Change, Robots, AI, oh my!

There is a sense of anxiety among everyone these days.  Change evokes anxiety, not the recent political changes, but changes in industry and technology.  Occupations which we have expected to be available for our children, neighbours, and students are seemingly being gobbled up.  This should not be a surprise though we have seen changes before. […]

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Hour of Code Part 3

Now in Day 5 of our Hour of code week I had a surprise.  One of my students who is really into coding now spent some time this weekend creating a game.  I was bowled over when she showed me that she had a game made from scratch which had controls, an objective, and levels. […]

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Hour of Code Part 2

Today was the second day for Hour of code at Warren Elementary School.  I opened the activity to our students yesterday with great success and today even more students joined. Our internet speed is slow as I have said previously but we are able to run the Hour of Code programs as they load locally […]

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Hour of Code

My school is located in Rural Manitoba, and as a result has limited internet access.  Today I took a group of 20 students from grades 5 and 6 and asked them if they were interested in trying something new.  I had tried the hour of code with a few students last week as a test […]

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