Why I blog…

My previous attempt at blogging lasted less than three posts.  I had not truly understood why or what I should write about.  In the past few months I have become more involved in Twitter and reading various posts in areas that interest me, specifically technology and education.  I found that I began to connect the dots between posts and my ideas but didn’t have a place to bring these things to life. For me blogging is a way to Consolidate my learning, Create and Give back to the twitter community.

In a two week period I wrote these 8 blogs. (9 counting this one)

  1. Technology for student learning 
  2. Responsible use of Technology
  3. Screencast-omatic
  4. Google Documents
  5. Professionalism and technology
  6. How to Jailbreak your school
  7. Technology, Equity, and Efficiency 
  8. Technology Webinar

An ancillary benefit of blogging is that when you write and publish your thoughts to twitter you get feedback. People that are interested in similar things make comments, start to follow you and help you develop and become even better.  Reciently I told a friend that I had started blogging and their comment was “I’ve seen that you just write about what other people have said, and copy it right”.  I used the response to clarify what blogging is for me.

1. Consolidation- When I read a blog that experience is personal and my interpretation of the blog is different than that of others.  I use a blog to put the pieces of my “learnings” together in a salient way.  This process has helped me greatly as fleeting thoughts as I read now have a place to take root and grow.

2. Collaboration- Publishing your blog allows others to read what you have learned and think.  Since the inception of my blog my following has increased 200% and over 250 people in four countries have visited my blog.  I get comments and feedback from people that I have never met that are now part of my professional network thanks to blogging and Twitter.

3. Ego- I love to see that others are reading and visiting my blog.  This seems childish I know but I really enjoy seeing the numbers and having a following.  This goes beyond ego because a great deal of what I write about is my particular interests which are not interesting to many people in my local network, but I now have a collection of like minded people spread out throughout the globe who I read and read me and we get to share and grow together. My wife and I are building a home and my builder reads my blog (Hi Cory), this growth beyond education and into the “real world” has potential to be something rich and interesting.

4. Personal Challenge-  My most recent foray into blogging is using it to launch a Webinar where I will be giving my audience/participants an opportunity to collaborate over google+ and learn together.  Blogging has made this possible because I have connected with people who are interested in similar things and willing to try something new.

I have also found that I spend less and less time on social media sites like Facebook because I learn more on twitter and reading blogs. After visiting Facebook for the first time in over a week last week I posted a comment on Twitter;


Thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “Why I blog…

  1. Good Read Chris,
    I blog for three different blogs for similar reasons. I find the never ending journey of finding your voice and consolidating your thoughts, better stimulus for learning than anything else that I do. Keep up the interesting work.

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